SI Simbolo Empowerment

Deep cleaning of your system

Essential in your Life. Say Yes to Now!

  • Live in the now;
  • Surrender to what is;
  • Build the proper fundament;
  • Protect yourself and your system;
  • Empowerment on autopilot;
  • More awareness in less time;
  • Transformation with Ease;

Energetic Healing

Petra Kalsbeek

The video sounds beautiful.
The SI Simbolo Empowerment is an Energetic Healer! 

SI Simbolo Empowerment

We have been standing with YesPower, our Business Medium organisation, with our feet in the clay for years. We trained more than countless international entrepreneurs for the global market.

We always get the most frequently asked question: How can I realise my dreams without losing myself?

We specialise in awareness development beyond borders for human and business development, synchronisation, transformation, focus, positivity, confidence, gratitude, surrender, enjoyment, gratitude.

Carla Broekhuizen Businessmedium, responsible for YesPower, SI Simbolo & PainChanger

Carla Broekhuizen

A short effective Ritual beyond what I knew already

Olivia Beets

A short effective Ritual beyond what I knew already
I'm a powerful woman, but I was fighting for years to stay in my energy. What this short Ritual can do is fantastic!

Want to be Free? Choose for Now!

Feel free to learn from our best practices (and failures) and realize your freedom so you continuously enjoy more within your work and private life. Clean your system. Live in the now and say Yes to now.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you want. Within 7 days, you enjoy more, increasing your inner peace. Bet?