September 9

The Ideal Gift for the One you Love


Besides being beautiful, it also has the right energy.

I love your necklace

Last week I got a mail from a woman I didn't know before. The subject of the mail was 'Gorgeous.' I also got a picture from this woman of another beautiful woman B with the SI Simbolo on her breast. She was impressed by our beautiful piece of jewellery that she saw shining on B's chest.

B wears her Chain Pendant day and night. She was together with her friend, the first one who got the SI Simbolo Pendants. It was a beautiful moment. Every time I see B, she tells me people find her SI Simbolo gorgeous.

The version of the SI Simbolo you see is the Silver Yellow Gold. The color of Silver changes, and some people love this. Of course, you can clean your Silver SI Simbolo also.

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Bronze

Chain Pendant Gold

For the golden SI Simbolo chain pendants, we use 18 Carat gold. Gold is colorfast. The vibration of the material of 18 carats is powerful, serene, beautiful, and light. The golden pendants are a fine jewel to wear, and the energy is stunning!

Personalized jewelry

Everything is energy. A SI Simbolo is more than only beautiful, and we create your SI Simbolo on demand. The tremendous power starts the moment you order your SI Simbolo.

Do you have special wishes like other precious stones or a combination of different colours of gold, we create your personalised jewellery SI Simbolo the way you want.

Jewels and diamonds

My background is one of sewing and creating plus design cloths. I was born behind the sewing machine, and I was always creating things when I was a little girl. Then, as I got older, I always made my clothes with the most beautiful materials. Creativity is in my blood.

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant 18 carat Rosegold 32 Diamonds

Design & Create SI Simbolo

To create Jewels was new for me. It was a beautiful process. The day before yesterday, I told a man how the size of the SI Simbolo existed.

I stand in the atelier from our leading goldsmith. She has a board on her wall with all kinds of sizes of circles with a hole in it.

I walked to this board and took one. I told the goldsmith this one is the perfect size of 45 – 19 millimeters. She measured the sizes and looked surprised at me, and asked how I knew the exact measurements.

The start of SI Simbolo

When we started with the Chain Pendants, we called the Pendants YesPower Transformation Pendants. We thought we would only sell our Chain Pendants without a necklace.

A businesswoman in the US bought one of the first golden SI Simbolo Chain Pendants. After a while, I spoke to this woman again. She wore her SI Simbolo still with a robe around her neck. Our plan changed. We had to make it possible to order chains too.

YesPower Transformation Progress Notebook

Which Chain with the SI Simbolo Pendant?

After that, we contacted several wholesale businesses to explore the next step. However, the focus was still our pendants, and we wanted to offer a strong chain that would be easily available and simultaneously in the background when you wear a SI Simbolo.

During one of the appointments, we had an inspiring moment. I took my Positive Progress Notebook, which we developed in 2016. I laid it on a table and applied a few SI Simbolo Pendants on the Notebook. It was amazing! The SI Simbolo Pendant was the same size as the YesPower Transformation Symbol on the Notebook without knowing!

Fine Jewelry by SI Simbolo

The choice for a chain is personally. I like it when the focus is on the fine Jewelry by SI Simbolo. Do you want a chain with diamonds also, we can create the necklace you want.

Chain Pendant Women

Women like to wear the SI Simbolo Pendants. It's nice to see and to hear the different preferences. For example, women want an 18 carat golden SI Simbolo with diamonds from the Gold Line, and other women wish to have a SI Simbolo from the Silver Line. 

The SI Simbolo Silver Line

In the Netherlands, where I was born, we wear a lot of silver. While in some other countries, silver is less or not done. Also, the Silver Line has its qualities.

So when you don't know which SI Simbolo you want to choose, I invite you to look to the Si Simbolo's and ask which SI Simbolo will be the best contribution for you. Then, of course, you can also book an appointment to examine together the best gift for you. 

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Bronze

SI Simbolo Chain Pendants for Men

Some women say it's time to let a man be the man again. I can tell you when you have an issue with your male strength or earth power, and the Bronze SI Simbolo can be interesting for you.

The SI Simbolo Bronze existed through a question about this material. We got the first one in September 2021. When I put the bronze SI Simbolo on myself for the first time, I shared with someone:

'What an incredible tough primal power!! It's just delicious.'

SI Simbolo was born to be worn by men!

The perfect match for the hunt for the perfect men's chain is the SI Simbolo. Men and the SI Simbolo… I love this trend!
A beautiful and powerful man with the energy of this jewel on their body is amazing! Because the vibration of the SI Simbolo adapts itself to the owner, the pendant makes a subtle finishing touch for your life.

Men… this jewel is born to be worn by men!
The Gold Line of white, yellow and rose 18-carat gold, white & yellow gold, white & rose gold. Or the Silver Line, silver, silver & yellow gold, silver & rose gold, bronze… call it and, we will create your chain pendant on request.

Do you want to talk about which SI Simbolo will be the most significant contribution to your life? Schedule a Free Talk with us.

Energetic greetings,
Carla Broekhuizen


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