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Your own Men's Chain Pendant in Bronze

SI Simbolo, men's special friend!


Neutralize imbalance


Energy attuned to the wearer


Supports you in your Transformation Process

Men's Pendant - Silver & Gold Chain Pendant

Chain pendants are becoming more and more popular among men. SI Simbolo has a wide range of different materials, from pendants for men.

The necklace pendants for men will be made exclusive for you in the Silver Line and Gold Line of beautiful, sustainable materials such as bronze, silver, and 18-carat gold.

In short, are you looking for a beautiful piece of men's jewelry? Then, surprise yourself with the beautiful and powerful pendants for men from the brand SI Simbolo.

Different Materials and combinations:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • 18-carat Gold
Riemer Bouma

Riemer Bouma

Projectmanager Infrastructure

❝ Highly recommended

From the moment I put the amulet on, I felt it on my chest. I also felt that I was being helped to base that my body's energy was calming down. No doubt it works! Highly recommended!

Necklace men's fashion

More than only beautiful

Chain Necklaces & Pendants for Men

Show a piece of your personality with your chain pendant. The surprisingly extensive range of different materials ensures a beautiful and wide choice. For example, there are sturdy pendants in a combination of materials of silver and yellow gold, silver and rose gold, plus in combination with diamonds. There are also quieter and more serene variants such as silver, bronze, gold-plated, and fully 18-carat variants.

Added value to wear a SI Simbolo

  • Neutralize imbalance
  • Supports you awareness
  • Assist you in your loneliness




The SI Simbolo Chain Pendant for men

Gives you Power

Jewelry for him

The Si Simbolo pendant is a representation of the YesPower Transformation Symbol. The Si Simbolo pendant is designed so that the energy adapts itself entirely to the wearer, making these men's pendants unique. The charm neutralizes imbalance and contributes to your immune system. The vibration of the pendants attunes to the energy of now. Every type of man has been taken into account when compiling the collection. So there is something for every man!

  • Neutralize imbalance
  • Supports you awareness
  • Assist you in your loneliness
Jaap Rodenburg

Jaap Rodenburg

International Businessman

❝ Activates your heart energy

The pendant connects the life force of the Earth and the life energy of the Universe. Both come together in the pendant and activates the heart energy of the wearer.

Necklace men's fashion

SI Simbolo Bronze Number 1 for Men

Men jewelry

There are countless different combinations of pendants available, you can make it as crazy as you want! You can decide for yourself what a pendant represents and means to you. That also makes these pendants for men great gifts to give to family and friends. A beautiful Si Simbolo men's necklace pendant of your choice is available from € 460.

  • Number 1 men's pendant for confirmation identity
  • Chain pendant adapts itself to your personality in terms of vibration
  • Exclusive pendants on demand

SI Simbolo Talk for YOU

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