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SI Simbolo 18 carat Rose Gold 352 Diamonds Luxury Transformation Jewellery

SI Simbolo

Gold Line, 18 carat rose gold 352 diamonds, 45 mm
Price € 31.600
Availability of the models

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Vita – 18 carat rose gold with 352 diamonds

The warm glow of the rose golden Vita necklace with 352 diamonds appears like a rising sun. The jewel fits perfectly with a luxury dress code like a wedding dress or designer clothes.
With this Vita necklace, you create a real SI vibe and experience a loving and connecting energy.



Model jewel
Vita, Gold line, 18 carat rose gold, 352 diamonds, 45 mm

Different levels

One level, SI Simbolo inscription

18 Carat rose gold

18 Carat yellow gold, standard 45 cm, thickness 1,5 mm

Carat: 1.9
Color: D
Shape: Brilliant

SI Simbolo authenticity certificate

Availability of the models

All SI Simbolo jewelry is assembled by hand with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quality. These high requirements obviously limit the production capacity, and sometimes the demand for our jewelry exceeds the production capacity.

For this reason, the availability of some models may be limited. New SI Simbolo jewelry are sold exclusively by official SI Simbolo points of sale. However, they are delivered regularly and independently managed the allocation and sale to their customers.

Introduction SI Simbolo

SI Simbolo is proud to introduce the new model SI Simbolo Fonte. The jewel will be presented for the first time at the international fair Het Juweel. Furthermore, we welcome you from 17 to 19 June at the Sparrendaal country estate in Driebergen. We can also inform you about the availability of SI Simbolo jewelry.